About Sister

Born in Cyprus, Aphrodite’s birthplace, Sister curates and designs jewellery and ceramics from the island, supporting the local craftsmanship and breathing life back into century-old, artisan trades.

Sister was created by Antonia, a Cypriot designer, now living in Berlin. Having been abroad for years, she felt the need to creatively reconnect with her birthplace and to rekindle her fascination for Cypriot heritage, the traditions and the enchanting stories that are passed on through the generations.

At the start of 2018 her dream to create a brand connected to the island’s craftsmanship became a reality after a chance encounter with George and Panagiotis while on a walk around the village of Lefkara. 

And so, Sister was born.


Our Silversmiths

Sister jewellery is handcrafted by two brothers, George and Panagiotis, in the picturesque village of Lefkara, in a workshop they have been running since 1968. George is a master of repoussage and in making the traditional silver 'kapnistri' using at weddings. When they are not producing jewellery, they love to pick olives in their grounds.

Sister jewellery draws inspiration from traditional Cypriot mythological and Christian images, statues and stories. Our Jewellery is made of 925 Sterling Silver and is made using lost wax casting.


Our Ceramist

Sister ceramics are thrown, fired and glazed by Panikos, a ceramics artist near the coastal city of Limassol. Panikos' ceramics are functional pieces in evocative curves and expressive colours; vases, carafes and plates, essential to the Southern Mediterranean “meze” style of eating, often impressed with traditional Cypriot lace. From clay to finished product, a piece can take up to 4 weeks to complete.

Get to know Panikos, a person full of positive and infectious energy, and you'll soon realise that his work is purely a labour of love. When he is not creating, Panikos dedicates his time to children and adults with disabilities, opening up his workshop and teaching them how to bring their own clay creations to life.