We continue our conversation around sisterhood with sisters Marie and Hannah Krutmann.

Hannah is a Berlin based author and storyteller with a background in fashion studies. She has a passion for design, apparel and interior and writes mostly about astrology, herbalism, design and feminist witchcraft. She works closely with her sister Marie.

As Associate Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Almost Magazine, Marie interacts with a wide variety of people whose stories she helps to tell. Almost perfect storytelling is also the core of her job as a freelance writer and editor for bigger and smaller magazines and publishers. Her editorial work focuses on the subjects of literature, pop culture and feminism. 

Together, they develop creative concepts for various, mainly women-run indie companies, in their storytelling agency Almost Agentur, publish stories about emotional nudity in Almost Magazine and have recently written a book together. 

We spoke to them about their view on sisterhood, what it's like working together and their new book Everyday Magic, out in bookstores now.

What does sisterhood mean to you?

Hannah: Everything. The feeling of connection, friendship and togetherness especially with my Marie and other women is what empowers and motivates me everyday. It’s the reason we founded Almost Magazine, our agency and an important part of our recent book “Everyday Magic”.

Marie: To me sisterhood means knowing that I’m not alone. I’ll always have someone to share the ups and downs in my life with and someone to call when I need advice (or some toilet paper). 


How do you cultivate sisterhood?

Hannah: I care a lot about the women in my life and keep finding ways to bring them together, introduce them to each other and create exchange. Organising readings and events for Almost magazine, hosting birthday and non-birthday parties, sharing and supporting the creative work and talent of women from my network on social media and having tons of Whatsapp chats and groups are some daily examples. I also have my “PR-mindset” on a lot and automatically pitch and promote my friends in conversations or interviews. 

Marie and Hannah Krutmann

Marie Wears our Neolithic Fertility Pendant and our Gold Chunky Chain.

How has your sister shaped you? 

Marie: Since I’m the younger sister I think that Hannah has shaped and  influenced me big time in many ways. In the past 30 years she’s been a role model, my biggest contrary and best friend. Hannah is 3 years older than me so she experienced most things before me. That way I could always watch her succeed or make mistakes and decide whether or not I want to walk in her foot prints. Founding Almost 4 years ago together was when we started going our own way together. 

Hannah: I think my sister is like a compass to my life. I know, it sounds cheesy... any compass-metaphor does. But it’s true. Since we share the same upbringing and parents our values and (work) ethic are very alike - plus she knows me so long and has witnessed so many phases in my life. So checking in with her for big decisions is really reassuring because she can relate to my life reality and see the bigger picture.  

Marie and Hannah KrutmannLeft: Hannah wears our Floating Fertility Pendant and the AMAYA Eye Pendant

Right: Marie wears our Chunky Hoops in Gold & Silver and Hannah our Aphrodite Drop Earrings.

What is your favourite memory with your sister?

Hannah: Somehow it’s the month we spent together in my 17 square meter apartment in Stockholm, where I had to push her in her foldable bed under my desk to get to my wardrobe. It was the first time we lived together again as adults and a beautiful experience to see how alike we thought as adults.

Marie: Good old times, sleeping under a desk! I think the moments I appreciate Hannah the most are moments that are so bad that we break out in tears, laughing about how stupid life can be, like that one time my bag got stolen in a bar and she helped me calling the Sparkasse (drunk) to block my credit card at 4am. 


What is it like to work with your sister?

Hannah: It’s great, she’s one of the few people I ever worked with who has the same sense of responsibility and (probably unnecessary) perfectionism. It’s a Capricorn thing.


What can we all do to be better sisters/allies?

Marie: Tell one another that we like, need and care for one another and that we see how good we are in what we are doing. 

Hannah: Stop the Girl Hate, encourage, appreciate, promote and celebrate each other’s work and stop the silly competition.


What role does sisterhood/connection with other women play in your spiritual life?

Hannah: For me it plays a big role, I am so happy to have some amazing witches as my friends and enjoy getting to know more of them all the time. Talking about feelings, experiences and practices that are a little witchy with other women empowers me and reminds me on very rational days that magic is a real thing.


About “Everyday Magic”

“Everyday Magic” is a book about the powerful feminine; full of modern rituals, daily witchcraft and a feminist perspective on spirituality. It's a book for spiri-newbies as well as people practicing magic on a regular basis, it is a book for everyone who's sick of being ridiculed for their rituals. Because activism, feminism and spirituality don't exclude each other at all. You can purchase Everyday Magic here.

Everyday Magic
Ein Handbuch für alltagstaugliche und empowernde Spiritualität.
Hannah Krutmann, Marie Krutmann