Konstantina Levi is a Greek-German multidisciplinary artist, having specialized as a director and visual artist. Her background in theatre has led her to develop a sharp eye for talent, and a keen understanding of movement and blocking. Based in Berlin and Greece, Konstantina Levi works diligently on projects that span the commercial, creative, and tech industries. Her visuals are mostly driven from an otherworldly perspective. She processes her keen eye for the unseen into sensitive narratives.

The inspiration for the image campaign came from the pieces themselves and Konstantina’s connection to the Mediterranean. The campaign shows the pieces in their environment of origin and inspiration, accompanied by music from that very region. Embracing the female body with nothing but the sea and the jewellery. The film, as well as the photography, were shot analog - on old tape and 35mm film to underline the nostalgia and ancient spirit of the country and the symbols in the collection.