Dear Sisters and friends,

Over the past two years I’ve been able to lovingly grow Sister with your support. I’ve loved creating a business that celebrates the little island of Cyprus and that supports its local craftspeople.

From today on, a few Sister pieces will be priced differently and I would like to take this opportunity to be transparent as to the reasons why.

When I started in 2018 many things were new to me: not only how to run the business but the world of jewellery too! Two years later, I’ve learned so much about both, and I was able to make some important improvements:

  • We’ve added anti-tarnish to all chains and earrings
  • At the workshop in Cyprus, we now apply double the amount of gold-plating from what we started with - from 0,5μ (microns) to 1μ.
  • From mid-April 2021 we will only have sustainable paper packaging which I’m very excited to launch. (yay!)
  • And finally, the last 12 months have also brought many challenges, one of them being a big increase in the material costs, which is what forced me to reconsider our pricing.

This change will allow us to grow and create a more sustainable future for Sister. It also means that we can ensure to continue supporting the small artisans we collaborate with, and continue improving our products, without putting pressure on them to reduce their labour costs.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, feel free to reach out me via our Instagram. I'm always available to answer any questions!

I look forward to many more happy years, spreading Mediterranean sunshine all over the world!


P.S. new items coming soon too! 🍋🍋🍋