Tamara Rose Morales is the founder of Berlin Boss Babes and a career & business coach for women. After a decade of recruiting, hiring, assessing, and developing talents for big multinational corporates as well as progressive startups, and experiencing the founder journey by building her own tech venture and then her coaching business, Tamara created BBB as a uniting and empowering platform and community for women to network and share resources and experiences with one another on a local level, with opportunities for coaching and training around career, business, and money.

In her capacity as a coach and mentor, she helps women create careers and businesses of their design and desire. In the work with her clients, she helps courageous women understand and reframe their mindset, release dysfunctional mental and behavioral patterns, understand their industry and market and use its dynamics to their favor, and build action-based strategies that lead to real-life transformations.


What is Berlin Boss Babes and what is your mission?

Berlin Boss Babes is a platform that unites and empowers women to create careers of their design and desire. BBB started as a Facebook group in July 2020 to connect career-driven women living in Berlin, and quickly spread to over 6,000 members across multiple social channels. BBB provides its members with consistent content, education, and inspiration and brings them together regularly for fun meetups, learning experiences, and workshops, both online and offline. My mission at BBB is to show women their genius and the value that they bring to the table that they often cannot see themselves. I want to empower them to show off their strengths, shine their light and make their dreams come true!

What does sisterhood mean to you?

For me sisterhood is a mindset but also an emotional state. I feel connected with other women on a subconscious level, united by mutual or similar experiences - both the joys of being a woman but also the pain and lack of equity that we still experience. I want to embrace sisterhood and support other women on their empowerment journey whenever I can. At the same time sisterhood is also a safe space, a space where you can come together the way you are, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and letting yourself be supported and held by your sisters. That doesn't mean that I want to be friends with all women or that I like all women. I'm still a human being. But underneath the sisterhood spirit is definitely guiding many of my actions and choices.


How do you cultivate sisterhood?

By expressing my needs and honoring my desires just as much as holding space for other women who are discovering their needs and wishes. I practice sisterhood by listening, asking questions, sharing my own story and connecting like-minded women with each other whenever I can and it seems fitting. I also try to practice genuine curiosity. It's easy to call a woman a "sister" if she's gone through a similar upbringing or works in the same field. But I want to try and cultivate sisterhood and community also across our differences because understanding each other will help us become better people and ultimately is going to advance womanhood.


Are there any women in your life who have shaped you?

Definitely! My mom has had a big influence on me, even though that has been a double-edged sword. Today I'm thankful for her being an example of strength, resilience and action-taking. She's a go-getter and she never gives up. She immigrated from Poland to Germany in the 80s to create a better life for herself (and ultimately for me, too), she left a toxic husband and she beat cancer. Our relationship is not perfect but we've overcome many of our difficulties throughout self-work and therapy. When I sometimes show up as a "lion mother" for my community, I'm actually channeling my mom.

What can we all do to be better sisters/allies?

Ask yourself what kind of sister or ally would YOU want to have in your life, and why. Then go and become that person yourself. But definitely practice active listening and empathy and kindness. That's the foundation. 

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Photos by Chris Abatzis.