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The Sun collection

Have yourself a very Sunny Christmas!

This Christmas, give the gift of a sun pendant—an embodiment of the sun's brilliance. Much like the sun, it radiates strength, energy, and optimism. It symbolizes brighter days ahead, fostering warmth and cheer during the coldest winter nights. A timeless reminder to shine and spread joy this festive season.

The Shell collection

Two halves make a whole

Shells carry a profound message of connection, unity, and creation. They make the perfect gift for a friend or a mother. Two halves form a complete shell and signify unity. A shell’s ability to give birth to pearls mirrors a mother's role in creating life, making them a thoughtful and meaningful gift for those we cherish.

The Coral Collection

Gold & Red

In collaboration with Budapest brand Kamay Ko, this collection is inspired by the organic forms of corals. The combination of gold and red will add a warm and luxurious festive feel to your look.

The Goddess Collection

Our Mighty Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and fertility. She is the inspiration behind Sister. Like our craftspeople, she is an island native and therefore our Sister and muse. Each pendant is handmade in Cyprus by George and Panagiotis.

The Kyma Collection

Carved by water

The ‘Kyma’ collection is named after the Greek word for wave. It is what carried Goddess Aphrodite to the shore, blown by Zephyrus, the god of the West wind. Its imperfections and abstract design are inspired by the unique undulations of the water and the landscape of Cyprus, the island where our jewelry is made.

Our Festive Picks

Pieces that will delight

Some more of our favourite pieces for the gifting season including the much loved Pistachio necklace and the AMAYA Eye Pendants.

Ceramic Cups

Cozy Morning Moments

Our ceramic cups are hand-thrown and glazed in Cyprus, perfect for water, wine or coffee. They can also be used as a pot for small plants or cacti. Each piece is hand signed by the artist Panikos aka 'γεια σου Κύπρος', (Hello Cyprus).

Lucky Pomegranates